What Makes a Strong Impact Story?

In the charity world, stories are the essence of our work. After all, it is the people whose lives have intersected with ours that define our work, and through those…..

Starvation Cycle? Teach Fishing.

We use the cliche ‘give a man a fish…’ a lot in non-profit circles. Typically it’s used in the context of ‘hand outs’ vs. ‘hand ups‘ – providing one off…..

Why Aren’t The Rich More Generous?

A new study by the Chronicle of Philanthropy citing  America’s Generosity Divide and a related Huffington Post article  beg the question “Why Aren’t The Rich More Generous”? Some of the findings include:…..

7 Reasons to Quit Direct Mail

Earlier this week, I posted 7 Reasons to Quit Direct Mail as a tongue in cheek response in the comments section of The Agitator post “9 Reasons To Quit Social…..