With recent technological advances and the accessibility of the internet, it makes sense to invest in capable nonprofit software and tools. There are a ton of solutions out there right now, from general payment processors and dedicated online donation tools to more comprehensive nonprofit software with many capabilities. How can you be sure your nonprofit is depending on the right one?

Along with your donation tools’ core capabilities, you should also consider its integration partners. Many tools now work together in conjunction with integration partners to help nonprofits further their impact even more, whether it’s integrations to manage fundraising events, promote corporate philanthropy programs, or provide mobile fundraising solutions.

The best part of an integrated fundraising toolkit? You know all of your fundraising and donor data is streamlined and centralized in one place.

Each nonprofit organization is different depending on its mission and audience. You should consider a donation software solution that meets your organization’s unique needs and brings value to your supporters.

In this guide, we’ll review some top nonprofit donation software for a variety of different fundraising needs and their integration partners. Follow along with us from the top or jump to the one that most fits your nonprofit:

  1. Donate Kindly: Best Free Online Donation Software
  2. Fundly: Best Donation Software for Crowdfunding
  3. Salsa: Best Online Donation Software for Donor Relationships
  4. CharityEngine: Best Online Donation Software for Nonprofit Data
  5. Soapbox Engage: Best Donation Software for Online Engagement
  6. iATS Payments: Best Donation Software for Nonprofit Payment Processing
  7. Qgiv: Best Donation Software for Event Management
  8. Kindful: Best Online Donation Software for Donor Communications
  9. DonorPerfect: Best Reporting & Analytics Donation Software for Nonprofits
  10. Blackbaud: Best Cloud-based Online Donation Software
  11. Neon: Best Donation Software for Fundraising Growth
  12. Salesforce NSPS: Best Online Donation Software for Salesforce Users
  13. Snowball: Best Text-to-Give Donation Software for Nonprofits
  14. Bonfire: Best Merchandise Fundraising Donation Software
  15. Bloomerang: Best Online Donation Software for Donor Engagement
  16. Anedot: Best Online Donation Software with Flexible Payment Options

Ready to get started? Let’s begin.

Learn more about this top online donation software, Donate Kindly.

Donate Kindly: Best Free Online Donation Software

Overview of this Donation Software

Donate Kindly is one of the most accessible and easy to use online donation software options out there. Any nonprofit organization can take advantage of Donate Kindly and start accepting online gifts today!

With a few lines of code, you can embed a customizable Donate Kindly online donation form anywhere on your main organization’s website. Never force a donor to go to a third-party page. Instead, keep the entire online donation process simplified and streamlined. 

Top Software Features for Your Nonprofit

With Donate Kindly, your nonprofit can easily increase online fundraising these features:

  • Centralized donor data
  • Customized form fields and colors to match your nonprofit’s branding
  • Secure data with industry-leading security and encryption

Donate Kindly is simple for staff and donors to use, so don’t miss out.

Key Integrations 

Donate Kindly doesn’t seem to have any obvious integration partners, but it’s so simple to use that it works well with many other software solutions! For instance, take advantage of Donate Kindly in conjunction with Double the Donation, the top matching gifts tool. You can effectively collect donations online and embed the Double the Donation corporate philanthropy searchable database within that same page. This way, donors can search their employer and see if they’re eligible for a gift match. Then, they receive guidelines specific to their employer.


A big perk of Donate Kindly is the no extra payment processing or platform fees. Check out their pricing page to learn more.

Visit Donate Kindly’s website!

Read on to learn more about donation software Fundly.

Fundly: Best Donation Software for Crowdfunding

Overview of this Donation Software

If your nonprofit often hosts crowdfunding campaigns, you’ve likely already heard of Fundly. With Fundly, nonprofits and other organizations can create their own online crowdfunding donation page and securely process all gifts.

Customize your crowdfunding page with videos and photos to really connect with your supporters and showcase your project’s needs. Fundly ensures everyone can give with mobile accessibility and a secure payment processor. Fundly doesn’t just let you create a page, you can also share it on the Fundly site. This way you have initial exposure to an audience who already knows they want to give!

Top Software Features for Your Nonprofit

Fundly has a ton of top software features that give it a leg up against other crowdfunding platforms. For example, Fundly allows you to:

  • Get help along the way with a Quick Start Guide, email updates, and alerts to help direct nonprofits starting their campaigns.
  • Easily import your contacts and connect to your email to get the word out there quickly.
  • Keep all your funds because there is no minimum.

Have a crowdfunding idea in mind? With Fundly, you can crowdfund like a pro.

Key Integrations 

Fundly has a few key integration partners to help further expand your crowdfunding reach:

  • Facebook OpenGraph. This integration helps you easily share content on Facebook and automatically broadcast key campaign activity.
  • Double the DonationThis integration ensures that crowdfunding donors can easily check if they are matching gift eligible. This can double, or even triple, their original gift!
  • Eventbrite. If your crowdfunding campaign goes hand and hand with a live event, you should definitely take advantage of this integration.


Fundly has a very simple pricing plan for all organizations, including a Fundly platform fee, a credit card processing fee, and a transaction fee. Learn more from their pricing page.

Visit Fundly’s website!

Learn more about this donation software, Salsa.

Salsa: Best Online Donation Software for Donor Relationships

Overview of this Donation Software

Salsa is a popular choice for nonprofits who want to improve donor relationships. With Salsa’s CRM, you can effectively track all donor interactions, keeping an up-to-date record for easy review. This way, you ensure you’re thanking the right donor and no one gets the same email twice.

Salsa also has top digital marketing tools to help you reach those donors. Take advantage of email automation and social media marketing to engage your donors in meaningful and personalized ways.

Top Software Features for Your Nonprofit

Salsa CRM combines all the best tools of donor management and online fundraising:

  • Rich donor profiles to gain a better understanding of supporters
  • Donation tracking so you know who recently gave a gift
  • Reporting features so you can visually analyze and understand your data

Donor relationships and engagements are key to consistent nonprofit support. 

Key Integrations 

Salsa has a couple of integration partners— here are a key few that can definitely further your reach:

  • Double the DonationMatching gift programs can help you raise an incredible amount of money without having to ask your donors for more. With this partnership, you can easily increase fundraising and develop stronger relationships with corporations.
  • DonorSearchDonorSearch can provide your nonprofit with the top prospect research tools to help you identify high-impact donors.
  • ShowClixTake advantage of ShowClix for an easy and affordable way to promote fundraising events.

Check out more great partners here!


Salsa’s pricing is dependent on your organization’s unique needs. Contact them here for a custom pricing quote.

Visit Salsa’s website!

Learn more about this donation software, CharityEngine

CharityEngine: Best Online Donation Software for Nonprofit Data

Overview of this Online Donation Software

CharityEngine is a comprehensive fundraising platform that streamlines how nonprofits collect data. With its array of fundraising tools, you know that all your data is going to the same place. This helps you optimize marketing strategies and process payments with efficiency and ease!

CharityEngine knows that nonprofits should prioritize retention over recruitment, and works with you to improve your donor engagement efforts. Connect with your supporters better with accurate nonprofit data to depend on.

Top Software Features for Your Nonprofit

CharityEngine offers an all-in-one software solution for nonprofits, ensuring that data is centralized. With CharityEngine, you can:

  • Easily create online donation forms and process gifts
  • Host peer-to-peer campaigns
  • Manage and facilitate events

No matter the type of fundraising effort you try, CharityEngine will collect and manage your important data.

Key Integrations 

Check out these top integration partners:

  • 360MatchPro is Double the Donation’s more advanced matching gift automation tool. Better suited for larger organizations, this tool can screen your supporters and contact those who might be eligible with the next steps and guidelines.
  • WealthEngine. Take advantage of the leading provider of predictive marketing, analytics, and audience development services.


To find out more about the pricing, your best bet is to contact them through their website.

Visit CharityEngine’s website!

Learn about Soapbox Engage, a donation software.

Soapbox Engage: Best Donation Software for Online Engagement  

Overview of this Online Donation Software

If you’re trying to expand your nonprofit organization with the Salesforce CRM, Soapbox Engage can help. With a hub of apps to grow your reach, you can easily process online donations, customize forms, and even facilitate advocacy campaigns. And, all of its tools can integrate with Salesforce, ensuring all your data is in one centralized location.

Top Software Features for Your Nonprofit

Soapbox Engage works great with Salesforce to ensure that your fundraising processes are in order. Consider these top software features:

  • Beautiful, mobile-friendly online donation forms
  • Tools for peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Event registration tools

And, you can view all essential data within your Salesforce fundraising dashboard! 

Key Integrations 

Here are some top integration partners Soapbox Engage has:

  • Double the DonationIt’s always a plus when you can increase your matching gift funds and take advantage of corporate philanthropy programs. Just simply embed the tool into your donation forms!
  • Fionta is a Salesforce consulting partner that can help you improve the experience for both you and your donors.

Check out more partners here.


With Soapbox Engage, you have multiple pricing plans to choose from. You can learn more from their pricing page.

Visit Soapbox Engage’s website!

iATS Payments donation software

iATS Payments: Best Donation Software for Nonprofit Payment Processing

Overview of this Online Donation Software

With over 20 years of experience, iATS Payments is the only payment processor dedicated to nonprofits. Many organizations and other fundraising tools make use of iATS Payments because they know that the processor understands the specific needs of the nonprofit sector.

iATS Payments always puts security first, ensuring that your donors’ financial information is safe. This includes tokenization, encryption, PCI compliance, and fraud protection tools.

Top Software Features for Your Nonprofit

By investing in iATS Payments, you know that you can fundraise without worrying if your funds are compromised or any data gets lost. iATS Payments offers multiple solutions:

  1. iATS Online Forms is an online donation form that accepts and processes gifts with ease. You can even customize it to your campaign and embed the form into your main website for a streamlined experience.
  2. Brickwork by iATS is a solution for Salesforce users. It’s a Salesforce payment app and lets you process credit and debit payments within the CRM you already use.
  3. iATS Mobile is a solution to help accept donations while on the go and during in-person events. Easily accept almost all payments and process them securely.

No matter what, iATS Payment provides a simplified and secure online donation process for anyone trying to make a gift.

Key Integrations 

Here are some top integration partners:

  • OneCauseOneCause has robust fundraising solutions for you to take advantage of, and you’ll know each gift will be processed securely.
  • Double the DonationWith both iATS Payments and Double the Donation, you can effectively increase funds as well as know each payment is secure. Take advantage of matching gift programs today!

Check out their other partners here.


To learn if their pricing model fits your budget, contact iATS Payments on their website.

Visit iATS Payments’ website!

Learn more about this donation software, Qgiv.

Qgiv: Best Donation Software for Event Management

Overview of this Donation Software

Qgiv’s fundraising technology is made with nonprofits in mind. With unlimited forms, events, users, training, and support, you know you can depend on Qgiv for any fundraising effort.

No matter what kind of event you want to plan, you can customize your online form to match your campaign as well as offer a variety of registration options. Qgiv puts the tools in your nonprofit’s hands and you can soon increase donor engagement and get those event attendance numbers up.

Top Software Features for Your Nonprofit

With Qgiv, you can host the following events and campaigns:

  • In-person live fundraising events like galas, parties, and festivals
  • Auctions with access to a mobile bidding app
  • Peer-to-peer events with customizable pages

Events are a great way to engage donors and build meaningful relationships, and Qgiv can help along every step of the way.

Key Integrations 

Here are a couple of top integration partners for Qgiv:

  • BloomerangWith this partnership, you can streamline your fundraising efforts and take advantage of Bloomerang’s simple, cloud-based technology to manage your entire constituent ecosystem.
  • Double the DonationWhen you take advantage of both Qgiv’s and Double the Donation’s offerings, you can better reach and engage donors while also pursuing matching gift funds. This still applies to events, so don’t forget to utilize this partnership.


With multiple pricing plans and various solutions, be sure to check out their specific pricing page.

Visit Qgiv’s website!

Learn more about donation software Kindful.

Kindful: Best Online Donation Software for Donor Communications

Overview of this Online Donation Software

Kindful is a popular nonprofit software solution for many of your fundraising needs. Create unlimited online donation pages and easily manage your donors with activity tracking tools. You know you’ll better communicate with donors when you have Kindful recording and facilitating engagements.

Top Software Features for Your Nonprofit

With Kindful, you know you can send the best message at the best time with these top tools:

  • Donor segmentation to personalize communications
  • A comprehensive view on communication history for each supporter
  • Email & letter templates to help you frame messages

It’s important to always keep up donor communications in order to effectively engage with them and build relationships. With Kindful, you know you can thank your donors when you need to and update them with value.

Key Integrations 

With Kindful, you can also utilize these integration partners:

  • DonorSearch equips your fundraising team with the tools to get to know your donors better. With access to the largest philanthropic database, you can better identify high-impact donors and frame future outreach strategies.
  • Double the DonationStart increasing matching gift funds with this Double the Donation partnership. As they’re on your website, donors can simply search if they’re eligible and follow the steps provided by their unique employer.

Check out more on their integrations page!


Get a better sense of how much Kindful might cost for you with this interactive scale.

Visit Kindful’s website!

Read on to learn about DonorPerfect, a donation software.

DonorPerfect: Best Reporting & Analytics Donation Software for Nonprofits

Overview of this Online Donation Software

DonorPerfect is a fundraising CRM and an online donation tool based in Canada. Easily keep all your data in one place and fundraise with confidence. With DonorPerfect, you can customize your donation forms and with a simple button share those forms on your email, social media pages, and website. 

DonorPerfect has top reporting and analytics capabilities to help you understand your data and take the next best steps. Improve donor relationships and better understand your internal processes.

Top Software Features for Your Nonprofit

DonorPerfect takes in all nonprofit metrics and helps you visualize trends and understand data better with:

  • Built-in reports and customized reports
  • Data exportation capabilities
  • Dashboard to display real-time statistics and graphs

If you want to better understand your nonprofit data, you have no excuse not to check DonorPerfect out.

Key Integrations 

DonorPerfect has a few key integrations:

  • DonorSearchThe more you know about your donors, the better you can engage with them and set up the foundation for lifelong giving. Take advantage of this partnership and utilize DonorSearch’s prospect research tool.
  • Double the DonationYou’re missing out on a lot of free money when you don’t prioritize matching gifts and other corporate philanthropy. Make sure you leverage this partnership with Double the Donation.
  • QgivWith this partnership, you can take advantage of Qgiv’s engagement tools and event tools to turn any fundraising effort into an engagement opportunity.

Want to see others? Check out their integrations page.


Check out DonorPerfect’s pricing guide to find the plan that best fits you.

Visit DonorPerfect’s website!

Learn more about Blackbaud, an online donation software.

Blackbaud: Best Cloud-based Online Donation Software

Overview of this Donation Software

Blackbaud is a cloud-based software service that provides solutions for many sectors, from faith communities to nonprofits and healthcare organizations. Blackbaud keeps all your important data in the cloud, a place that’s accessible to your entire team. This way you can cultivate lifelong relationships and streamline all fundraising processes.

Top Software Features for Your Nonprofit

Blackbaud actually has multiple solutions solution for nonprofits:

  • Blackbaud eTapestry for simple fundraising and donor management
  • Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT for more advanced fundraising software
  • Blackbaud Luminate CRM for Salesforce users
  • Blackbaud CRM for larger organizations

Depending on your unique needs, Blackbaud can help your organization maximize success!

Key Integrations 

Blackbaud also has some key integration partners:

Check out other partners here.


To learn more if Blackbaud is right for you, contact them here.

Visit Blackbaud’s website!

Check out this top donation software for nonprofits, Neon.

Neon: Best Donation Software for Fundraising Growth

Overview of this Online Donation Software

Neon is a popular CRM solution for many nonprofits. With all your data accessible in one place, you can optimize campaigns and create new efforts to ensure fundraising growth. Oversee all donor data and manage all activities from Neon’s easy-to-use dashboard.

Top Software Features for Your Nonprofit

Neon helps you manage fundraising campaigns throughout the entire process with:

  • Donor management tools
  • Customizable online donation forms
  • Reporting & analytics capabilities

Take advantage of Neon’s offerings and watch your fundraising revenue and engagements grow!

Key Integrations 

With Neon, you can also utilize these key integrations:

  • Double the Donation. An integration with Double the Donation ensures that you increase your fundraising revenue. Not enough nonprofits take advantage of matching gifts and corporate philanthropy, so ensure that you utilize this tool.
  • DonorSearchIt’s always a good idea to learn more about your donors. Take advantage of this top prospect research tool and identify your most high-impact donors.
  • Eventbrite. If you often host fundraising events, this integration can help you facilitate tickets and spread the word about your experience.

Curious for other partnerships? Check out this page.


Check out Neon’s pricing guide here.

Visit Neon’s website!

Take advantage of the Salesforce NSPS, donation software for nonprofits!

Salesforce NSPS: Best Online Donation Software for Salesforce Users

Overview of this Online Donation Software

If you’re a nonprofit Salesforce user, you’re likely already familiar with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. The NSPS data architecture is built for nonprofits to help manage their donors and facilitate donations all from one place— Salesforce.

Nonprofits can further optimize their Salesforce platform and NSPS by adding customized elements and using existing functionality. Better understand your nonprofit data with Salesforce.

Top Software Features for Your Nonprofit

Within Salesforce, nonprofits can also access the Nonprofit Cloud. This is an all-encompassing nonprofit solution that the NSPS is a part of. The Nonprofit Cloud allows you to:

  • Take advantage of program management tools
  • Use drag-and-drop journey building for marketing efforts
  • Conduct surveys to help you gather feedback from your community

Salesforce is utilized for many nonprofits, so ensure you take full advantage of the NSPS and the Nonprofit Cloud.

Key Integrations 

Salesforce has an abundance of opportunities and tools to explore, so check out the Salesforce AppExchange if you’re interested. Some of them include:

  • 360MatchProAn integration with 360MatchPro, Double the Donation’s advanced matching gift automation tool, can help Salesforce users identify eligible matching gift leads and automatically pursue them. Raise more money and keep all your processes within this comprehensive CRM.
  • DonorSearchTake your donor data within Salesforce and use DonorSearch’s top prospect research tool to determine your most important donors and start meaningful engagements.
  • Soapbox Engage. If you’re considering expanding your fundraising toolkit to a more comprehensive solution. Soapbox Engage’s tools can fully integrate with Salesforce.


Check out Salesforce’s website if you’re interested in getting started.

Visit the Salesforce NSPS page!

Learn about this online donation software, Snowball.

Snowball: Best Text-to-Give Donation Software for Nonprofits

Overview of this Donation Software

Snowball is a popular online fundraising platform used by over 7,000 organizations to help with a variety of efforts. Snowball’s text-to-give feature lets mobile users donate to your cause whenever they want and wherever they are.

Create customizable forms to accept these text fundraising gifts as well as collect and view all important data in the Snowball CRM dashboard.

Top Software Features for Your Nonprofit

You can utilize Snowball’s text-to-give features for many fundraising efforts, like:

  • Different campaigns by setting custom text-to-give keywords 
  • Event tickets sold with text-to-give functionality
  • Live thermometer to motivate supporters to give more

Many people are already glued to their smartphones, so why not use that to your advantage with Snowball?

Key Integrations 

One of Snowball’s biggest integrations is with Blackbaud. When you’re equipped with a comprehensive fundraising solution like Blackbaud, it can be helpful to connect with Snowball to also increase your mobile efforts.


Are you interested in Snowball? Check out their pricing page here.

Visit Snowball’s website!

Check out Bonfire, an online donation software.

Bonfire: Best Merchandise Fundraising Donation Software

Overview of this Online Donation Software

If you’re thinking of ways to increase fundraising while also furthering your brand, Bonfire is the top t-shirt fundraising platform out there. Whether you’re an organization or just an individual, you can use Bonfire to create a design or upload your own artwork to be on a t-shirt. Simply just spread the word on social media and through other outreach efforts and Bonfire does the rest.

Supporters can buy the t-shirt through the Bonfire or your website which ships directly to them while you get all the funds. 

Top Software Features for Your Nonprofit

With Bonfire, you can:

  • Create your own campaign page with the corresponding t-shirt design
  • Open a free online store so users can browse all of your merch
  • Fundraise without any limitations

Bonfire is great to raise money and spread the word about your mission. Every time someone wears your t-shirt, they’re also helping raise awareness!

Key Integrations 

Bonfire might not have any specific integrations, but can be used in conjunction with many of your fundraising efforts. Incorporate t-shirt fundraising into a live event, a peer-to-peer fundraiser, and more!


Bonfire’s pricing all depends on how many t-shirts you want. Check out their pricing calculator.

Visit Bonfire’s website!

Learn about donation software Bloomerang.

Bloomerang: Best Online Donation Software for Donor Engagement

Overview of this Donation Software

Bloomerang is one of the best online donation software for donor engagement. With the Bloomerang CRM, you can manage your entire supporter ecosystem as well as access real-time retention and engagement metrics. This gives you better insight into how to communicate and interact with donors to maximize fundraising.

Top Software Features for Your Nonprofit

With Bloomerang, better engage donors with these top tools:

  • Customized online giving forms that can be embedded into your website
  • Automation tools for email marketing and form completion
  • Engagement meter and generosity score for each of your supporters

Donor engagement is extremely crucial to any fundraising strategy, and Bloomerang gives you all the right tools.

Key Integrations 

Here are some key integrations:

  • QgivBy utilizing Qgiv and Bloomerang, you can streamline all fundraising efforts and effectively view all data in one place.
  • DonorSearchWith Bloomerang, you can still take advantage of DonorSearch’s top prospect research tool. Using your donor data in Bloomerang, DonorSearch will screen each of your supporters and give you better insight into how to engage with them.

Check out other integrations and partners here.


If you’re interested in Bloomerang, they have multiple pricing plans to choose from.

Visit Bloomerang’s website!

Anedot: Best Online Donation Software with Flexible Payment Options

Overview of this Donation Software

Anedot is a powerful online donation platform that offers a whole suite of fundraising tools. Anedot does not have any monthly or hidden fees –  you only pay the transaction fee. Furthermore, Anedot has a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily generate reports and track donations in real-time.

Overall, Anedot is a great solution for nonprofit organizations that need a way to process donations online. With low transaction fees, reliable customer service, and easy-to-use tools, Anedot is a solid choice for any nonprofit organization, regardless of size.  

Top Software Features for Your Nonprofit

Anedot allows your donors to set up recurring giving on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Their donation pages are fully customizable so you can ensure that the branding matches the rest of your site.

In terms of donations, Anedot gives your donors multiple options, including Apple Pay, PayPal, debit/credit cards, and bank draft. You can also give your donors the option to cover the cost of the transaction fees. Some other features they provide are:

  • free text to give services
  • donation email receipts
  • unlimited team member access.

Key Integrations 

Some of Anedot’s integration options include Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Iterable, Campaign Monitor, SendGrid, and thousands more with Zapier and Webhooks.


Anedot does not have set up costs or have any monthly fees. Nonprofit rate: 3.3% + 30¢ per transaction for Debit/Credit, Apple Pay, PayPal, and 0.3% + 30¢ for ACH.

Visit Anedot’s website!


It’s definitely worth it to explore all the different donation software options to find the one that fits your nonprofit best. Whether you host many fundraising events or are focusing on online fundraisers, there’s definitely a solution out there for you. Be sure to also review each software’s integration partners to determine how you can further expand your fundraising toolkit while ensuring your data is centralized and easily accessible.

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