Corporate giving allows companies to do good in their communities through donations of funds and time. Nonprofit organizations routinely use software for fundraising, but what software do companies use?

Nonprofits use software to raise funds for their cause, increase awareness around matching gifts, and even secure volunteer grant revenue. Companies, on the other hand, use corporate giving software to manage their internal giving programs, streamlining activities such as matching gifts, corporate volunteer programs, grantmaking, and more.

If your company is looking for the best corporate giving software to meet your needs, take a look at our top-reviewed choices below:

But before we jump in with some reviews of our favorite providers, let’s walk through a few corporate giving software trends that we’ve seen. This technology continues to expand, improve, and adapt, and it’s important to select a solution that keeps innovation at top-of-mind.

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Corporate Giving Software Trends ⁠— What We’re Seeing (& Expect to See)

More vendors catering to small and mid-sized businesses

Corporate giving used to be primarily offered by the largest of businesses. Fortune 500 companies participated, but smaller and mid-sized employers often did not. But that’s changing in recent times, with corporate giving becoming increasingly accessible for companies of all sizes.

In fact, several corporate giving software vendors have developed tools specifically aimed toward companies in the small-to-mid-level range, with affordable price points and optimal user experiences for more modest-sized teams.

Small to mid-sized companies and corporate giving software

Integrations with nonprofits enabling matching gift auto-submission

Corporate giving generally involves partnerships with nonprofit organizations, and the best corporate giving software vendors work to provide the tools to tighten those relationships. For example, some solutions now integrate with nonprofit tools that offer matching gift auto-submission, which allows employees to easily submit their corporate match requests directly from the organizations’ websites on which they give.

Here’s how it works:

The image shows a roadmap of the matching gift auto-submission process.

  1. Individual makes a donation. The first part of the gift matching process always involves a donor making the initial gift. Supporters seeking to have their gifts matched follow standard donating procedures at this stage.
  2. Individual enters work email address OR supplies employer name. To get paired with their employers’ matching gift information, donors have two options. The first option is that donors can use their work email address when prompted to enter their contact information. This method is highly efficient, but some donors may prefer to use their personal email addresses for their communication with nonprofits. For these donors, they can take the second option of using a matching gift search tool embedded in the nonprofit’s donation page to search for their employer and manually pull their matching gift information.
  3. Matching gift guidelines are provided. No matter which approach donors take, the nonprofit’s matching gift software will pair them with their employers’ matching gift information. This includes eligibility requirements, details about the application process, their application forms, and if the donor qualifies for auto-submission. 
  4. Matching gift request is processed. To submit their matching gift requests automatically, donors just need to click a button opting into matching gift auto-submission. At that point, there application will be completed and submitted for them. 

Interested in learning more about the specifics of auto-submission software? Check out our video walking through Double the Donation’s revolutionary technology:

Keep in mind that the easier it is for employees to get involved in their companies’ workplace giving programs, the better results the programs tend to see. However, to participate in auto-submission, companies need a CSR platform with auto-submission functionality.

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Going global with more organizational reach

Lastly, it’s important to note that many companies are going global with their corporate philanthropy, making it essential to choose the right CSR technology that is able to power global efforts.

Gone are the days when a business might choose just a single, local organization to support. Instead, workplace giving programs diversify the types of causes that companies support, meaning one business might make hundreds of donations all to different nonprofits. If you intend to launch an open-ended workplace giving program, it’s a good idea to invest in software that’s equipped with the functionality to power donations to many nonprofits—even across international bounds!

With these developments in mind, you’re ready to explore some of the top corporate giving software solutions. Let’s begin!

What To Look For In Corporate Giving Software

Before looking at specific solutions, you’ll want to know which tools will actually benefit your company. Remember, the features you’ll find most helpful depend on the types of initiatives you want to offer. Keeping your plans in mind, here are several features to consider when researching and demoing different platforms:

This graphic outlines common tools you need to know to find the best corporate giving software for your business.

  • Workplace giving features like matching gift automation, payroll deductions, and volunteer management tools. Your system should make programs accessible with a portal where employees can log in to request matching gifts, log volunteer hours, and so on.
  • Donation management to oversee your company’s charitable contributions, including cash and in-kind gifts.
  • Grant application management, evaluation tools, and tracking to measure the impact of awarded grants to nonprofits.
  • Reporting and analytics to track program performance, measure impact, and make data-driven decisions for future giving initiatives.
  • Compliance and security features to ensure the software complies with legal and tax regulations related to charitable giving and prioritizes data security to protect sensitive employee information.
  • Integrations with existing systems, such as payroll, HR, and CRM platforms, to streamline data management and reporting.

Some solutions also offer specific features for tracking DEI, environmental, and employee relief initiatives. Ultimately, your corporate giving software should align with your company’s specific goals, size, and anticipated level of employee involvement. By carefully considering these features, you can select the right software solution to support your corporate philanthropy initiatives.


About This Corporate Giving Software

Millie is a versatile corporate giving solution that offers companies a variety of ways to empower their employees to give. Using Millie’s corporate giving software, companies can provide matching gifts and volunteer opportunities, give charitable dollars to employees and customers, and create essential giving campaigns.

Millie offers seamless and flexible employee giving program management so that your company can build a culture of giving, regardless of your budget.

Our Favorite Feature of This Corporate Giving Software

Our favorite feature of Millie’s corporate giving software is the charitable dollars for employees and customers. Celebrate milestones like employee recognition or work anniversaries, or give a gift that prospects and customers alike will appreciate. These charitable gift cards can be used to donate to one of 1.7+ million nonprofits or be split between multiple organizations.

Bonus Feature: Matching Gift Auto-Submission

Millie integrates with Double the Donation’s matching gift database to offer innovative auto-submission functionality. Using this technology, donors can request their matches in seconds directly from their favorite organizations’ donation confirmation pages⁠. All they have to do is enter their corporate email addresses.

The Verdict

Millie is an excellent choice for companies operating on a budget that still want to create a culture of giving by engaging employees and customers in their social impact programs.

Learn more about Millie, one of the best corporate giving software solutions.

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About This Corporate Giving Software

POINT is a collaborative volunteer platform that connects communities with local causes. Their corporate giving software brings technology and people to nonprofits, helping good causes get the support they need.

Companies can use POINT’s free app to find local event-based and virtual volunteer opportunities. Get connected to reserve spots for your employees at volunteer events or send these opportunities directly to employees for them to sign themselves up. Companies can also subscribe to POINT’s CSR management platform, which allows them to track the impact of their donations and employee giving.

Our Favorite Feature of This Corporate Giving Software

Using POINT, companies can create partnerships and strengthen their collaborations with nonprofit organizations. This can be done by co-hosting private or public volunteer events, using the local nonprofit directory on POINT, and gifting POINT to your favorite nonprofits for free.

Bonus Feature: Matching Gift Auto-Submission

POINT offers a seamless integration with Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro, which empowers users with its new matching gift auto-submission feature. Donors whose employers use POINT can now submit their match requests in one click from the donation process. From there, the integration handles the rest of the submission steps behind the scenes, enabling more employees to get their gifts matched without the rigmarole.

The Verdict

POINT is great for companies looking to build out their giving programs through volunteerism. With their easy-to-use app and robust reporting tools, building your corporate giving program is easy and beneficial for all parties involved.

Learn more about POINT, one of the best corporate giving software solutions.

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About This Corporate Giving Software

With its innovative and powerful tools for businesses interested in donating, volunteering, gift-matching, reporting, and more, Selflessly is one of our favorite corporate giving solutions.

While they work with companies of all shapes and sizes, the Selflessly team focuses on providing affordable solutions for smaller and medium-sized businesses looking to jumpstart their corporate giving. CSR is becoming increasingly important for companies of all sizes, and having the right tools can make a huge difference!

Our Favorite Feature of This Corporate Giving Software

One of Selflessly’s most integral features is its donation-matching functionality. At re:Charity, we know that businesses give billions of dollars through corporate matching gift programs each year⁠, and tools like Selflessly simplify and maximize those contributions.

Bonus Feature: Matching Gift Auto-Submission

Selflessly offers a partnership with our favorite matching gift solution for nonprofits, 360MatchPro, to help ensure as many eligible gifts are matched as possible by auto-submitting match requests. With this functionality, donors can submit their matching gift requests to their employers more easily than ever before. All it takes is entering their corporate email address during or after the giving process!

The Verdict

Selflessly is a fantastic choice for small to mid-sized companies that seek to launch, grow, or maintain their corporate giving efforts effectively.

We love Selflessly's corporate giving software.

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America’s Charities

About This Corporate Giving Software

America’s Charities has been a major force in giving and engagement since 1980. They serve nonprofits, employers, and donors alike. 

Through America’s Charities, nonprofits can fundraise unrestricted, recurring donations through workplace giving, while employers can meet their giving, engagement, and social impact goals. And at the same time, donors can connect with great causes and support nonprofits in a sustainable, convenient manner. 

America’s Charities offers a full suite of employee giving and engagement tools, including workplace giving technology platforms, and each corporate giving solution is tailored to fit the employer’s needs and goals.

Our Favorite Feature of This Corporate Giving Software

Our favorite America’s Charities feature is their Engage solution, which is an end-to-end giving and CSR platform. Companies can use this corporate giving platform to streamline employee giving, track and share their impact, and manage all programs within one flexible platform. Engage also leverages SmartSimple’s SaaS cloud platform, Platform3.

The Verdict

America’s Charities is a great choice for companies looking for a flexible platform to manage their giving programs. Whether you’re looking to focus on a single area or maintain a wide array of workplace giving programs, America’s Charities has a solution for you. The only downside is that America’s Charities has yet to expand into matching gift auto-submission technology, instead requiring donors to submit their match requests to their employers using their online portal.

Learn more about America's Charities, one of the best corporate giving software solutions.

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About This Corporate Giving Software

Benevity is one of the best corporate giving software options, offering an all-in-one solution that brings all of your giving programs together. With this platform, corporations can handle workplace giving, matching, volunteering, corporate granting, customer engagement, and more.

Through Benevity, you can easily scale your workplace giving program as it grows, access powerful reporting, and provide a simple and engaging user experience.

Our Favorite Feature of This Corporate Giving Software

Here at re:Charity, we love the Benevity Causes Portal, which helps hundreds of thousands of nonprofits connect with corporate giving programs all over the world. Through the portal, nonprofits can register to have their information featured and easily accessible to hundreds of corporate programs.

The Verdict

Benevity is one of the best all-around solutions for companies that offer multiple types of corporate giving programs and want to easily connect with nonprofits everywhere. However, they have yet to make auto-submission functionality available, meaning donors will be required to complete the request process on their own.

Learn more about Benevity, one of the best corporate giving software solutions.

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Bright Funds

About This Corporate Giving Software

Bright Funds is one of the best corporate giving software solutions for giving, volunteerism, grants management, and administration. Some of their top tools include features for matching gifts, dollars for doers programs, grants, real-time reporting, and strategic giving.

Bright Funds offers ways for employers, individuals, and nonprofits to connect with one another. Through their Bright Network portal, nonprofits can give donors complete and up-to-date information about their organization, streamline donations, and access all of their vital data in one central location.

Our Favorite Feature of This Corporate Giving Software

One of our favorite features Bright Funds offers is the ability to show employees how their donations make a difference. Through Bright Funds, nonprofits can deliver updates about their programs that give donors insight into the positive impact their contributions are making around the world.

The Verdict

Bright Funds is an excellent option for companies looking to help their employees form stronger connections with the causes they support. Though they enable matching gift programs through the system, Bright Funds does not provide auto-submission functionality for employees at this time.

Learn more about Bright Funds, one of the best corporate giving software solutions.

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About This Corporate Giving Software

One of the biggest up-and-comers in the corporate giving world is Bonterra. Bonterra has a suite of software solutions designed to support the social impact initiatives of nonprofits, public agencies, foundations and grantmakers, and of course, corporations.  

Along with providing software, Bonterra also offers training and consulting services to ensure the corporations they work with get the most out of their software. Partner with Bonterra to get the corporate giving software you need and an expert consultant who will walk you through every step of the implementation process. 

Our Favorite Feature of This Corporate Giving Software

Through Bonterra, corporations can access specialized platforms for grants management, giving and matching programs, and corporate volunteerism. With over 50% of Fortune 500 companies leveraging Bonterra’s CSR solutions, we advise exploring their full range of platforms for corporations. 

But as this is a guide about corporate giving software, we have to highlight Bonterra’s Giving and Matching solution. Allow employees to decide how they give with numerous payment methods supported, making completing the matching gift process that much easier. 

The Verdict

Bonterra is aiming to be a powerhouse in the CSR software space, and it’s easy to see why. As a provider that supports both nonprofits and corporations, the Bonterra team is uniquely suited for providing guidance when it comes to corporate giving. For matching gifts, there is currently no auto-submission option for donors, and corporations will need to look to Bonterra’s other matching gift-related features to streamline the application process. 

Learn more about Bonterra, one of the best corporate giving software solutions.

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About This Corporate Giving Software

YourCause was acquired by Blackbaud in 2019 to expand its commitment to powering grantmaking and employee engagement via CSR programs. To achieve these goals, YourCause offers state-of-the-art tools developed to support CSR initiatives, including matching gifts, volunteering, grantmaking, campaigns, global expansions, and more.

With this software, you can boost employee participation and manage employee giving programs of all types and sizes via reliable payment distribution services, robust reporting tools, and configurable segmentation functionality.

Our Favorite Feature of This Corporate Giving Software

Nonprofits can create a charity profile within the YourCause portal, which is then accessible to an entire network of corporations and millions of employees. This allows companies to discover a wide array of worthy causes they can contribute to.

The Verdict

YourCause is an excellent choice for companies looking to grow globally and easily track their workplace giving and grantmaking programs. They have yet to enable auto-submission for matching gifts, though it’s not off the table for future software expansions.

Learn more about YourCause, one of the best corporate giving software solutions.

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Additional Resources

This list should provide you with everything you need to find the best corporate giving software for your company. Even if you need to continue your search, this guide gives you a solid jumping-off point.

Remember to prioritize systems that offer relevant features for running your desired programs so you can maximize your impact. For example, if employee giving is a top priority for you, prioritize systems that enable helpful features like matching gift auto-submission. Any features that simplify employee participation will inspire individuals to get involved.

There’s still more to learn about corporate giving! If you’re looking for more information about corporate philanthropy and the tools available, check out the resources below:

The best corporate giving software solutions have matching gift auto-submission. Discover if your CSR platform already has this powerful feature. Contact Double the donation.