8 minutes read

3 Costs Nonprofits Suck at Evaluating

I hate booking flights. Some people love the thrill of finding the best day and being in control but for me it’s just stressful and annoying. 13 tabs open in two browsers. A spreadsheet to capture and calculate costs. A piece of scratch paper to jot things down. Calendar open to make sure I have the right dates. And invariably I think to myself, “what a waste of my time”.

3 minutes read

15 Tools To Get More Done In 2016

Have you heard of Product Hunt? It’s a beautifully simple site where users submit tools/sites/resources they like and use, and the community up and down votes them throughout the day. The best ones go out in an email the next day. There’s more to it, like collections, following, etc. – especially as it’s grown – but its variable reward premise, based on ideas and research like Hooked, makes the listing and emails somewhat addictive.