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Charity Scandals

We love a good scandal don’t we. In the charity world, we especially like scandals that involve numbers. Numbers help journalists who don’t give two licks about charity and what’s…..

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Social Fundraising Campaign Infographic

There are a few types of campaigns that I’m increasingly interested in as I think they are increasingly interesting to charities and the charitable sector. One example is a¬†social fundraising¬†campaign,…..

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Your Nonprofit On Facebook?

Does Facebook have value? Yes. That’s a simple answer. How do you get the value out of it? That’s a much tougher question and is the more important question. John…..

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5 Fundraising Posts of 5

Fantasy baseball is my weakness. I love baseball and one of the things I love most about it (besides hot dogs and beer) is the numbers. This helps make it…..