3 minutes read

15 Tools To Get More Done In 2016

Have you heard of Product Hunt? It’s a beautifully simple site where users submit tools/sites/resources they like and use, and the community up and down votes them throughout the day……

5 minutes read

3 Things You Can Do To Keep Donors in 2016

One thing that happens as you get older is that the Christmas season becomes a bit less about wonder, awe and toys and becomes more about details, plans, and socks……

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Why I Love… Okay, Really Like… #GivingTuesday

I guess I’m a bit of a #GivingTuesday grinch. A few years ago, when #GivingTuesday first came to Canada, I wrote an article titled Why I Hate #GivingTuesday¬†on HuffPostImpact discussing¬†some…..