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4 Tips To Write Better (And Raise More Money)

There’s a lot of writing involved in fundraising and by using the inverted pyramid, avoiding the curse of knowledge, making the reader the hero of the story and selling the joy…..

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Frack for the Cure

The natural gas fracking company: Baker Hayes takes the cake for wacky Pink Product ™ of the Year. “Our hope is from the water cooler to the rig site to the coffee…..

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Virality, Retention, Scaling and Ignite Giving

I was sick for almost an entire month after I contracted something called encephalitis (I’m better now and it’s not contagious…) and am just now getting caught up on all kinds of…..

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Millennials Changing Philanthropy

$30 000 000 000 000. That’s how much wealth will be transferred to millennials in the next 30 years. That’s thirty trillion… with twelve zeroes. And yes all those zeroes…..