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Chickenhawk Charity

The charitable sector, and the giving public will do anything for the idea of charity except take it seriously. The result is a sector in which innovation is the exception,…..

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Donor Retention Infographic And Webinar

Originally posted on the Chimp blog. Read it here. Keeping donors happy, engaged and connected (or just keeping them at all) is a communications issue. Yes, you need to ask…..

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Mobile Myths, Stats and Insights [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mobile. Mobile mobile mobile. Mobile mobile, mobile mobile mobile. Mobile. That’s what your brain should be telling you when you read, think and hear anything about social media, web and…..

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Another Science of Giving Infographic

Giving is good and makes people happy. That’s the short summary of my science of giving posts and infographics, but I recently saw another great infographic around this topic. The good folks at…..