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Thoughts from The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Have you seen the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? It didn’t cross my path until I saw it covered on TSN a week ago as professional athletes were instrumental in getting…..

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Retargeting for Charity

I was on the New York times website reading some article or another when I saw an ad for my friends small, Vancouver based charity. That was my first real…..

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Absurdist Charity: The CRA Slaps Oxfam

News broke last week of the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) decision to deny Oxfam Canada charitable status because it deemed “preventing poverty” uncharitable. Oxfam was forced to take this wording…..

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Peer to Peer Fundraising in 2013

Three stats that leapt out at me from this infographic from Network for Good: 20% increase in donations due to peer to peer Peer to Peer fundraising grew 60% 15%…..

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Potato Salad and Crowdfunding

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/324283889/potato-salad The real losers here are charity. A close second Kickstarter. Zack ‘Danger’ Brown knows Kickstarter really isn’t about money, or charity, it’s about getting famous. He’ll be forgotten about…..

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Storytelling Tips for Your Nonprofit

Storytelling, good, quality storytelling, is absolutely essential for today’s nonprofits. I talk a lot about storytelling but more from an organizational, brand and strategic perspective and less from a day to…..

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What Your Fundraising Can Control

What can you learn about fundraising from volleyball? Well if you grew up playing the sport (as I did) and your brother is a University coach (as mine is) quite…..