“How can my organization encourage our supporters to give more to our cause?” 

This is one of the top questions on the minds of nonprofits nationwide. How can you incentivize your supporters to give more and increase your fundraising revenue? What motivates individuals to make a donation? How can the companies they work for play a part in that giving process? Arreva and Double the Donation offer a solution: corporate gift matching through Arreva’s integration with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation.

65% of Fortune 500 Companies and many more offer gift matching programs, and your nonprofit could see a vast increase in your fundraising revenue if your donors take advantage of those programs. The Arreva and 360MatchPro integration provide donors with an easy-to-use gift matching search and completion process by embedding a company name search bar right into the donation form. That way, your supporters can double or triple their contribution to your mission while still maintaining the amount of their initial gift.

double or triple gifts with the employer search function

Double or Triple Gifts with Employer Search Function

The integration, which you can activate directly through Arreva’s ExceedFurther software, allows donors to enter the name of their employer/business into a search database powered by Double the Donation to find if they are eligible for a corporate gift match. Encouraged by the possibility of a corporate gift match, 1 in 3 donors are likely to increase their gift amount!

After making a donation, supporters can click the “Go to Matching Gift Form,” which links them to their employer’s matching gift application. Donors can also see the match amounts and other information on their company’s corporate gift matching policies. Instead of having to search for their companies’ policies on gift matching, donors can go right to the information they need with the click of a button. The easier it is for donors to complete the gift matching process, the easier it is for your nonprofit to see a dramatic increase in fundraising revenue. 

The donor interaction doesn’t stop there! Keep up with eligible individuals by sending a follow up email encouraging them to start the matching gift submission process if they haven’t already.

The email automation system is completely customizable so that you’re in control of the branding, cadence, and number of emails to send if you choose to send them. This way, you’re able to use the email system to best meet the needs of your donors and your organization.


see gift matches to completion

See Gift Matches to Completion


Use the Double the Donation platform to keep tabs on donors’ contact information, their affiliated companies, and the progress of their matching gift application. Since filling out the gift matching application is in the hands of the donors themselves, it’s always helpful to know where they are in the process and if they could use a reminder. The information provided by the 360MatchPro platform can help you maintain important contact with your donors to optimize corporate gift matching!

encourage donors with gift matching opportunities

Encourage Donors with Gift Matching Opportunities

Only 1.31% of individual contributions are matched at the average nonprofit organization. This is often due to lack of awareness about corporate gift matching opportunities! Informing your donors by using the Arreva and 360MatchPro integration helps them make impactful gifts matched by corporate philanthropy. With the Arreva and 360MatchPro integration, donors and the companies they work for get to support work close to their hearts and your organization gets to see those funds turn into positive change.

Arreva offers an all-in-one, cloud-based fundraising and donor relationship management solution to help you transform the way you fundraise. The 360MatchPro integration takes things one step further by providing your nonprofit organization with features designed to help you stay focused on driving donations and increasing your revenue. Some of these features include: 

  • Options to embed the 360MatchPro widget into both your donation page and confirmation page so that donors have multiple opportunities to start the gift matching process
  • Email domain identification to cultivate donors with an email address corresponding to a match eligible company 
  • Email customization tools to keep your branding consistent and blend into your Arreva-powered donation pages

Arreva and 360MatchPro work together to identify match eligible donors and assist them in doubling their donation to your organization with corporate gift matching. That means you’ll see a drastic increase in revenue without having to put in drastic effort! Your organization can focus on carrying out your mission with the confidence that Arreva and 360MatchPro are focused on optimizing donor relationships and boosting your fundraising efforts. Visit the 360MatchPro website to get started.

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