Everyday, nonprofits ask themselves, “How do we encourage people to support us financially with a donation? How can we develop relationships with our donors and encourage them to give again and again? What are innovative ways to help our fundraising efforts?”

If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, you’ll be pleased to find that you can increase supporter interest, encourage donors to continue giving to your organization, and easily increase your fundraising revenue with this often-overlooked fundraising strategy: corporate gift matching! 

84% of donors say they’re more likely to donate if their gift is matched. That’s a huge population of supporters who want to donate and would be encouraged to do so if they knew their companies would match their contribution. So why haven’t you seen an influx of matching gifts from these donors? The answer is simple: your donors don’t know about gift matching opportunities! 78% of match eligible donors have no idea whether their company offers a gift matching program. If you connect that 78% with their companies’ gift matching programs, you’ll start seeing a dramatic increase in your fundraising revenue. 

So how do you make that connection? The answer is simple: Give Lively and 360MatchPro by Double the Donation have integrated to create a tool that bridges the gap between donors and the information they need to get their gifts matched. Using the tool allows you to reimagine the way you fundraise without having to go through the trouble of facilitating the connections between donors and their employers on your own. 360MatchPro does the work for you! Here’s how it works.

Help Donors Find Their Employer’s Gift Matching Programs

We already know that donors are more likely to give when they know their gifts will be matched. That’s why it’s imperative that you present donors with the information that’s most relevant to them in an easy way so they can get started on the gift matching process. Let’s say one of your supporters, Jenny, wants to make a donation and has no idea her employer offers a gift matching program. 

When Jenny makes her donation, the Give Lively donation form will then prompt her with the 360MatchPro search tool, so she can enter her company name and see if she is match eligible. 

When Jenny enters her company name, she’ll be able to automatically see if she is match eligible! From there, it’s a single click to her company’s gift matching application form. 

The 360MatchPro tool provides Jenny with the essential information she needs to initiate the gift matching process with her employer. The less work she has to do to find the answers she’s looking for, the more likely she is to follow through on the application. And encouraged by the possibility of a match, 1 in 3 donors are more likely to increase their donation amount! A more streamlined process for donors means a higher yield in fundraising revenue for you, and the 360MatchPro tool is as streamlined as it gets. 

Maintain Donor Contact to Encourage Action Toward Matching Gifts

We know that maintaining a relationship with donors is key to seeing results, so make sure to make good use of the 360MatchPro automated email system to keep up with your donors even after they’ve exited the original donation page.


Emailing your donors with a reminder to fill out their employer’s matching gift application form is not just a good fundraising strategy, but it’s also a way for donors to once again have the information they’re looking for at their fingertips. The 360MatchPro email resource is completely optional within your control so you can change the branding, cadence, and number of emails easily.  Keep your line of communication open to optimize your gift matching potential! 

Monitor the Gift Matching Process to See Matches to Completion

Donors aren’t the only ones who need to be informed. You want your team to be in-the-know about gift matching too! That’s why the 360MatchPro platform provides information on donors and their progress toward completing their corporate gift match.

When you know what your donors are up to, you know who to encourage to complete their gift matching forms and how to encourage them! It’s all about efficiency and effective communications when maintaining a strong relationship with your donors, and 360MatchPro provides you with the monitoring tools you need to keep your outreach meaningful.

Give Lively and 360MatchPro Change the Way You Fundraise for Good

About 10 percent of the workforce—that’s approximately 18 million individuals—work for companies with matching gift programs. The Give Lively and 360MatchPro integration makes it possible for your organization to reach that population by giving donors the resources they need to get their gifts matched through an easy-to-use search tool, consistent communication through automated emails, and a platform that keeps track of the gift matching process every step of the way. 

It’s no question that your organization wants to do good for your communities. Your donors believe in your mission, and companies believe in their team members. The goal of Give Lively and 360MatchPro is to help donors connect their employer with your cause so that you can receive the full benefits of corporate philanthropy

Visit the 360MatchPro website to learn more and start your gift matching journey. With the 360MatchPro tool, you can change the way you fundraise—for good. 

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