Gift matching programs are a great way to fuel your fundraising efforts. In fact, many gift matching programs are not utilized, which leaves almost seven billion donation dollars unclaimed each year!

The software integration from raisin and 360MatchPro can help you take advantage of these lucrative matching programs. Raisin software is already built to empower your nonprofit fundraising solutions. Its many resources include donation campaigns, fundraising initiatives and ticketing strategies. Now these efforts can include corporate gift matching programs. This integration is simple and effective; it can be launched with just the click of a button. 

360MatchPro quickly checks if donors are eligible for company matching gift programs. This data then turns into dollars once the donor decides to participate in the process. Wondering how it all works? Check out this step-by-step guide to learn how to drive donations through employer gift matching.

This header reads: "Fuel Fundraising with Employer Gift Matching"
Fuel Fundraising with Employer Gift Matching

The 360MatchPro process begins at the donation stage. Your donation page will remain the same with one exception. When donors make a contribution, they will be asked about their employer. Donors can easily type their company name into a search bar on the page. The section will be labeled as employer gift matching, and a short sentence will explain the reason for this field.

This image shows the raisin donation search bar.

A list of suggested donation companies will appear in the streamlined search bar. Once the donor enters this information, a message will appear that informs them of their potential gift matching power. The page will explain that this information can be used for company gift matching programs to increase their donation. It is important for the donor to understand why they are being asked for their employer information so that they are willing and excited to provide this information. 

This image shows the Raisin donation page after selecting a company.

Once a donor enters this information, the 360MatchPro tool will sort through its comprehensive database to discover potential gift matching programs. This database is the best of its kind, and it is carefully designed to ensure that donors are matched with their employer’s gift matching program. 

This database includes both American and Canadian companies that will match employee donations. As expected, many Canadian companies operate in both countries, but there are sometimes gift matching policy discrepancies based on region. This software takes these differences into account and works to identify gift matching programs for your specific donors. Read more about the 360MatchPro database for Canadian gift matching companies.

this header image states "Communication Tactics to Drive Donations"
Communication Tactics to Drive Donations

If a donor is eligible for an employer gift matching program, then they will receive an email notifying them of the good news. This email is branded with your company logo, and it contains important information to ensure that the gift matching funds are utilized. It explains the program, the potential contribution amount and links to get started. 

This message also provides valuable information about the company’s gift matching program. This includes program guidelines and links to additional resources.

This is a demo of the email that will be sent to donors after a donation.

The best part about this email is that it makes completing gift matching requests very easy. The donor simply clicks a button to increase their contribution. They already care about the cause, and this personalized message shows them that their original donation is valuable. This also provides an increased point of connection from the organization, making the donor feel impactful in their donation. 

This message is also customizable. This will help the donor to feel more familiar with this messaging, and it will give you peace of mind that your external communications are completely in your control.

This header states: "Leverage Donor Insights for Future Initiatives"
Leverage Donor Insights for Future Initiatives

The 360MatchPro process will generate important insights for your organization. It will allow you to learn where your donors work, their eligible gift matching programs, how they respond to email messaging and more! All of this information is stored on your 360MatchPro dashboard. 

After a donation is made, the donor’s information will be entered into your system. This web page will show you their information as well as their donation status. These insights can be used for future outreach, allowing you to tailor messages to donors. That way when you create automated messaging, you can add personalized touches based on these insights.

This image shows a demo donation list with donor information. For example, you could automate emails to send thank you messages once a match is submitted, or reminders when the donation is incomplete. These messages can include gift mentions of gift matching, making the donor feel that they are getting a personalized message. 

This header states: "Simple Resources to Enhance Your Software Experience"
Simple Resources to Enhance your Software Experience

These easy steps can help your organization maximize its donation potential! The raisin and 360MatchPro integration is a seamless way to manage your organization while driving donations through company gift matching programs. The 360MatchPro dashboard tracks all of these great features, providing you with stats such as your total donations emails delivered.

This photo shows a demo 360MatchPro dashboard.

Check out these 360MatchPro resources to use alongside your raisin tools: 

  • Confirmation forms: Raisin already provides simple and secure donation forms. 360MatchPro can easily add its gift matching widget to both the existing donation form (as shown above) and to the confirmation screen. This will present donors with the forms, guidelines and next steps to complete their match request. This easy embedding tool means that you do not have to change your donation form, and you can encourage gift matching even after the donation is completed. 
  • Customization: Both 360MatchPro and raisin understand the importance of brand customization at every step. That’s why every aspect of this integration can be tailored to suit your needs. You can use URL differentiation, customizable messaging variables and optimized websites to ensure your organization’s brand and voice is retained. 
  • Automated Engagement: Ongoing communication efforts can be tedious, but 360MatchPro makes them simple. With automated messaging based on your organization’s specific needs, you can send out mass emails that feel personal. Just tailor your template to reflect your messaging, and sort which donors should be contacted. 

There are always more tools to discover. Check out this website to learn more about 360MatchPro resources. 

Gift matching tools can become important resources for your organization. It’s a simple way to drive donations and engage your donors. 

Understanding these resources can be tricky, so we’ve compiled a list of helpful websites. If you would like to learn more, check out these pages: