Corporate gift matching can be an extremely valuable fundraising tactic for nonprofits. There is ample opportunity for your organization to increase revenue by identifying match-eligible donations and driving those matches to completion. Despite this revenue potential, 4 to 7 billion dollars in matching gift funds go unclaimed each year.

Corporate gift matching programs have the potential to double or even triple the dollar amounts of your donations. But your organization has enough going on that you shouldn’t be manually informing each donor about employer gift matching in order to generate that extra revenue. This is where the Givebutter and 360MatchPro integration can save you time and effort.

The Givebutter and 360MatchPro integration allows your donors to discover whether they are eligible for matching gifts and empowers them to complete those matches. 360MatchPro by Double the Donation is the industry leading gift matching automation platform and can save your organization time while helping you raise more money.

The Givebutter and 360MatchPro integration identifies donors’ gift matching eligibility during the initial donation process and provides the donor with actionable next steps and personalized messaging to drive those matches to completion. 

You already utilize Givebutter for their amazing all-in-one platform and fundraising capabilities, and now through their integration with 360MatchPro, your fundraising page can do even more for you.

Read on to find out how exactly the Givebutter and 360MatchPro integration can drive donations for your organization!

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Increase Donor Awareness to Drive Donations

Oftentimes, donors are unaware of their gift matching status when they donate which means your organization is missing out on that extra revenue. Now, through Givebutter and 360MatchPro’s integration, donors will know their match status as they donate!

360MatchPro uses an intuitive search bar to identify whether donors are match eligible as they fill out the donation page. Informing your donors about employer gift matching lets them know why you are asking for employer information and can often make them even more excited about their donation! 1 in 3 donors suggest they are likely to give more if they know a match is possible, so this functionality reaches your donor at the perfect time.

Givebutter donation page example with search bar expanded

The search bar scans Double the Donation’s extensive database of over 20,000 employee matching gift and volunteer grant programs to suggest companies as the donor types. The streamlined search field keeps the process simple and prioritizes the donor’s experience.

After the donor has submitted their donation, the confirmation page features a direct link to their specified employer’s matching gifts page. 360MatchPro and Givebutter’s integration cuts through all the red tape for you by connecting the donor to their company’s matching gift program in just one click!

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Encourage Match Completion with Effective Communication

The Givebutter and 360MatchPro integration allows you to send automated, customizable emails to your donors no matter where they are in the gift matching process. Donors don’t always begin the gift matching process on their donation confirmation page, so you can send follow-up emails to your donor to remind them of their matching gift potential!

Follow-up emails provide a valuable touchpoint for your donors to drive those matching gifts to completion. Employing multiple approaches to identify match eligible donors results in 77% more identified match-eligible donations, and is an easily executed step within the 360MatchPro dashboard. You can send thank you emails to donors who have completed the matching gifts process, or you can send reminder emails to those who may have left their match form incomplete all in one place! 

Givebutter is all about owning your own experience. Whether that is customizing your theme colors or personalizing your pages, you don’t want to lose that originality in your follow-up emails. The 360MatchPro integration lets you customize your email correspondence with your own branding and messaging so you can maintain all of the pieces that make your organization so unique.

Automated email example

With automated, customizable emails at the touch of a button, you can reach your donors in a whole new way. The Givebutter and 360MatchPro integration allows you to connect to your donors and generate more revenue while maintaining your unique brand as an organization.

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Utilize Donor Data for Better Outreach

The 360MatchPro dashboard provides you with all the data you need to effectively plan future correspondence and connect with your donor base. By collecting and organizing data including email addresses, employers, and match eligibility status you can understand your donor base’s demographics and respond accordingly.

The Givebutter and 360MatchPro integration also allows you to view what emails you have sent, what emails are scheduled to be sent, and even what emails your donors have or haven’t opened! With this email status information, you can tailor emails to maximize your reach and your revenue.

360MatchPro Tracking Example

The 360MatchPro dashboard details the entire gift matching application process as the donor completes it. With up-to-the-minute data on what percentage of your donations are match eligible and where your largest revenue opportunities are, 360MatchPro empowers you to make the most out of your fundraising possibilities. You can even view comprehensive charts and statistics on donor engagement for your organization.

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Givebutter and 360MatchPro Optimize Your Fundraising Possibilities

With the integration of Givebutter and 360MatchPro by Double the Donation, your organization can take full advantage of the power of corporate gift matching. With increased donor awareness, automated follow-up emails, and donor driven analytics, your organization can begin claiming those additional 4 to 7 billion dollars in matching gift funds.

With this seamless integration, you can rest assured that Givebutter and 360MatchPro are working together to optimize your fundraising potential while deepening those donor relationships. 

Find out more by scheduling a personalized demo of the Givebutter and 360MatchPro integration!