Almost three million dollars is donated through employer gift matching programs annually. This is great, but an estimated four to seven billion dollars still goes unclaimed each year. Luckily, there is a great way to fix that discrepancy. Funraise already works to further your organization’s cause, and it can now be integrated with 360MatchPro by Double the donation, the leading gift matching software. 

360MatchPro checks to see if donors are eligible for their employer gift matching programs. If the donor is eligible, then these company donations are automatically applied. This makes it a one-click solution to increasing contributions without asking donors for more dollars.

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Header that reads: "Gift Matching Strategies to Fuel Fundraising"
Gift Matching Strategies to Fuel Fundraising

360MatchPro works to identify employer gift matching eligibility. This identification process can happen as donors make a contribution. This provides an easy way to increase company gift contributions and drive donations for your organization. 

Once a donor chooses their donation amount, they will be prompted to check if their employer offers a company matching gift. The streamlined search tool will allow them to easily select their employer – without getting sidetracked. This feature also gives quick and relevant suggestions, making it less likely for the donor to make typing errors. 

Once a donor lists their company, 360MatchPro scans a database to search for gift matching options. This database is comprehensive, and it is maintained by diligent researchers. These researchers gather information from community relations departments, corporate websites and more! This database is always being updated, allowing the donor to be matched with their employer’s current matching program. 

Photo of the Funraise donation page with the option to enter a company circled in red

After the donor enters the name of their company, they will continue on with the typical donation form.

Header that reads: "Communication Methods to Educate Donors"
Communication Methods to Educate Donors

If the donor is eligible, they will be notified through email. The email will explain that their gift could potentially be doubled because of the gift matching benefits through their employer. The email also explains how to proceed with the increased donation and what websites to visit if they would like to learn more about their employer gift matching process.

This is a Funraise demo email that explains the gift matching process and how to proceed.

The email will also contain information regarding the company gift matching program, such as the organization’s gift matching ratio. This allows the donor to understand more about the donation process and feel confident in their contribution. 

These emails are completely customizable. We know how important it is to maintain your brand’s messaging. That’s why you can customize your logo, the text and more. This email will help donors start the gift matching process all while keeping your organization’s unique voice. Check out some of your customization options.

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Analyze Donor Data to Evaluate Success

This gift matching process generates important donor data for your organization. On the integrated platform you can access the names and emails of your donors. You can also see their donation status, company and the number of emails that have been sent to them. This information can help you track your 360MatchPro contributions, which can shape future outreach efforts. It can also help you to target different company matching programs in the future and decide when to follow up with donors. For example, analyzing how long donors take to open emails or complete a match can help your organization decide when to send follow up emails or when to encourage them to make a new contribution. 

This image shows a demo donation list for Funraise. It lists the donor information that is mentioned in the paragraph.

360MatchPro stores all of this data for your convenience. In fact, this information can be filtered based on different aspects, like match eligibility or donation status. Then, you can choose to send emails to only those on your filtered list, making email automation quicker and easier.

This header reads "Additional Tools to Raise More From Matching Gifts"
Additional Tools to Raise More from Matching Gifts

Since you already love Funraise features, we know that you are eager to check out this gift matching integration. The 360MatchPro tool lets you keep everything you love about the Funraise platform, while also taking advantage of gift matching resources. All of these features and more can be accessed through your 360MatchPro dashboard.

This is a demo photo of a 360MatchPro dashboard for Funraise. It contains important donation data.

Looking for other resources? 360MatchPro by Double the Donation offers even more tools to fuel your gift matching initiatives: 

  • Synchronized Settings – We know that you already store a wealth of information in your Funraise account. Luckily Funraise syncs to 360MatchPro, allowing you to organize all of your data in one convenient space. 
  • Automated Engagement: Ongoing communication efforts can be tedious, but 360MatchPro makes them simple. With automated messaging based on your organization’s specific needs, you can send out mass emails that feel personal. Just tailor your template to reflect your messaging, and sort which donors should be contacted. 
  • Branding and Customization: You already know that 360MatchPro values your organization’s branding. That’s why every facet of 360MatchPro is customizable. Your donation form, emails and URLs will all remain exactly how you want them. 

Click here to read more about 360MatchPro features and request a demo. 

Gift matching programs generate funding for the causes that you care about. This simple solution can increase incoming revenue without extra effort.
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