Company gift matching is a great way to increase donations without asking donors for more of their own dollars. Despite this being an valuable fundraising strategy, it is estimated that four to seven billion dollars go unclaimed each year in gift matching requests. Why does gift matching seem to be the industry’s best kept secret – and how can you use your DonorDrive platform to drive these gift matches to completion?

The answer is integrating 360MatchPro by Double the Donation, the industry-leading corporate matching gift platform, into your DonorDrive donation forms.

You already love DonorDrive for its powerful nonprofit technology. Now this new integration allows you to add employer gift matching to the list of fundraising features.

The 360MatchPro and DonorDrive integration identifies donors’ potential gift matching programs, and then uses targeted, personalized messaging to drive these matches to completion. This allows you to increase contributions while spending more time on what really matters to you – your organization’s mission.

Interested in learning more? Let’s check out the process below.

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Simple Solutions to Increase Donations

The 360MatchPro tool first helps your donors identify their employer’s gift matching program. It can be integrated onto your donation forms. This begins the gift matching conversation during the donation process, which is when the donor feels most connected to your organization.

The donor would follow their typical donation process. They will enter their payment and personal information, but now they will also see the 360MatchPro search tool asking them to input their employer to check for gift matching eligibility. This section explains that this will be used for gift matching purposes, so that the donor understands why they are being asked for this information.

This image shows a DonorDrive form with the 360MatchPro streamlined search tool in use.

The 360MatchPro tool uses a streamlined search feature that suggests employer names as the donor types. This keeps the donation process running efficiently, so that the donor does not get distracted or impatient.

After the donor enters their employer, the 360MatchPro tool scans an extensive database of gift matching programs. This database is continually updated to ensure that the information is accurate.

Once the donor enters their employer information, they will submit their donation. The donor will then be directed to the confirmation screen and see options to “Go To Matching Gift Form” and “See Guidelines”. Each of these options will take them to their organization’s corresponding web page.

This image shows the DonorDrive confirmaiton screen with the option to go to your gift matching form or see your program's guidelines.

This confirmation screen makes it quick and easy for the donor to understand their gift matching program and then drive their donation to completion.

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Communication Outreach to Connect with Donors

In addition to the confirmation screen, the donor will also receive an email detailing their gift matching program and steps to begin the process. This email is informative and visual, so that it is easy for the donor to understand. The email will list company gift matching guidelines, contact information and links to learn more. Using the previously mentioned extensive database, these emails will be specifically tailored to the donor’s own gift matching program.

Each aspect of the email is customizable, so your organization will have complete control over communication with donors. This includes the text, company logo, images and even the email address that sends the message.

This image displays a demo email that is sent to the donor. It asks them to submit a gift matching request.

Donors can once again be taken directly to their organization’s donation page from the links provided. They can also click on an option that says they have submitted their gift matching request. This button can be linked to a page on your website with your own personal thank you message.

This entire process can be managed and tracked on your 360MatchPro dashboard. From here you can schedule follow up emails, view donors’ match eligible status and more. Let’s discover more about these gift matching insights below.

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Valuable Insights for Future Outreach

The gift matching process will provide valuable insights to help you plan future fundraising efforts. These insights include the donors’ name, email, employer and match eligibility status. This page also includes which emails have been sent to donors, which have been scheduled and whether the donor has opened these messages. This can help you plan effective communication strategies.

For example, if a donor named Jenny worked for the Home Depot, you could see that she donated, then received the gift matching email, opened it and completed the gift matching request. From your 360MatchPro dashboard, you can access this information and create an automated yet personalized message thanking her for submitting her Home Depot gift matching request.

This image shows a mock list of donors in the 360MatchPro dashboard.

These donor insights are easy to understand, and donors can be sorted based on different facets including stage in the donation process or their match eligibility. This also allows you to send targeted communication in an easy and personalized way.

This means that you could sort donors based on their donation status, and then send automated emails following up accordingly. These outreach efforts are a great way to communicate with donors in a relevant and effective way.

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Useful Data to Drive Results

This simple process can help your organization fuel its fundraising efforts. The 360MatchPro and DonorDrive integration is easy to navigate, and the setup only takes seconds.

360MatchPro and DonorDrive have even more great features to enhance your experience:

  • Data and Analytics: Both 360MatchPro and DonorDrive recognize the importance of data storage and analysis. DonorDrive already provides you with custom information reports, and now you can use the 360MatchPro dashboard to view comprehensive charts and statistics on donor engagement.
  • Automated Engagement: Your donors are important to you. That’s why DonorDrive and 360MatchPro allow you to use automated and targeted donor engagement to enhance external communication. With 360MatchPro you can customize the frequency and logic while also tracking metrics, segmenting donors and managing subscriptions.
  • Branding and Customization: 360MatchPro allows you to design all aspects of your messaging. This means that all donor communication will be designed by your organization, and all emails will come from your organization’s email addresses, not a third party that your donor doesn’t recognize.

Be sure to visit the 360MatchPro page to learn more about getting started.

This image shows a sample of the 360MatchPro dashboard.

The 360MatchPro dashboard is a great resource for managing your gift matching endeavors. This page stores the insights listed above and more to track metrics and provide you with visual, informative donor information.

These statistics are a great way to stay informed about your donors behavior and further tailor future outreach efforts to reach them in an effective and efficient way.

Gift matching tools are a great way to help your organization grow its fundraising power. It is a simple yet effective way to gain more contributions for a cause you care about.

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