Dear Social Media,

We need to take a break. We’ve had a good run and I truly appreciate you but, well, I know this sounds cheesy but it’s not you… it’s me… There’s just been so much going on and while you’ve helped me get things done, connect with real people and be a good news source I found myself feeling like you were more of a burden than a gift lately. And in the last few weeks since we haven’t been talking I’ve felt more alert at work, attentive at home and focused in life. I just need some time to figure out some more stuff about me.

If you’re mad, you can blame Adam Brault and his post on how he quit Twitter. I’ve been thinking about it for a while but that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. If it makes you feel any better, normally I would just ignore you and make you think I don’t care until you would break up with me but I just care about you too much. You mean too much to me for that.

And I won’t be gone forever and because of my work and how deeply ingrained you are into my generation we’ll still run into each other (awkward…). I just have a few words for some specific parts of you:

Instagram. I feel like we were just getting to know each other. Have fun taking pictures of people’s babies, feet and food. 

Facebook. Let’s be honest… we’ve been done for a while now and it’s kind of nice to have that out in the open. And look on the bright side, there’s so many old people getting to know you now you won’t be too lonely.

LinkedIn. I know you’ll be a pro about this and won’t take it personally. You are doing great and don’t need me cluttering up the space so insurance agents and financial advisors can connect with more people for no apparent reason…

Twitter. Oh Twitter. You are my favourite (we all know it) and leaving you will give me more time and brain space than anyone. I might actually read news instead of think I read news because a friend shares a 140 character headline (that would be nice). Look, you’ll still have Justin Bieber so you’ll do just fine.

And as for you WordPress… I’ll still write occasionally on re: charity (probably better) and Huffington Post Impact. Other people can contribute and they will always be able to sign up to get email updates when a new post goes up so you should be okay.

Well I’ve gone on long enough and it’s not making this any easier. Goodbye, for now, social media.


Brady J