• jdyonan

    Blackbaud’s peer to peer fundraising tools are easy to use and made it possible for our organization to take the leap into online personal fundraising.  Our organization soon realized that if we could recruit the fundraisers and do all the behind the scenes work to set up the campaign, it would be more successful than letting the volunteer fundraiser try to master the tools themselves.  Even though we created step-by-step instructions on how to set up a personal fundraising page, it became much more effective when we asked the fundraising champion to supply us with:  a personal fundraising goal, a fun photo (or we would stage the photo and take it for them), and their contacts to be solicited in the campaign.  Those who have participated are now helping us recruit new champions based on their positive experience.  We have tried to create a supportive environment for our champions so they know when they sign on to raise funds with our organization, we will make it fun and easy for them.  In most cases, they just watch their totals climb and feel very good about what they are doing to help raise awareness and financial support for the organization and our programs.