from Network for Good

Three stats that leapt out at me from this infographic from Network for Good:

  1. 20% increase in donations due to peer to peer
  2. Peer to Peer fundraising grew 60%
  3. 15% increase in general donations when peer to peer fundraising is added

Now these stats don’t mean that you can just add some peer to peer fundraising strategies in your marketing and see 20% increase in total donations and 15% increase in general donations. Like any strategy peer to peer fundraising takes thought, effort and work.


It sure seems like one of the easiest, low-risk strategies you can add to your fundraising mix to get a small donation boost.

The most interesting of those three stats to me was the 15% increase in general donations when peer to peer fundraising is added. I don’t know for sure why this is but I do have three hypotheses:

  1. People who give to people also end up making a general donation (either on purpose or by mistake)
  2. The ability to choose how to support (donate or fundraise) alone makes the organization more appealing and making a donation is easier than fundraising so more people take that action
  3. The extra focus by the organization on digital as well as the efforts by peer fundraisers results in more traffic to the website which leads to more donations

I think all three of these are valid and possible explanations with #3 being the most likely, in my opinion, as I’ve seen firsthand with Chimp and Peer Giving how much traffic a passionate fundraiser can drive for a cause (although generally to their own page).

All in all, with peer to peer fundraising you can possibly increase traffic to your website and grow total and general donations while engaging some supporters in a new way. Hopefully you are saying “sign me up!”.

If you’re still on the fence, add in the fact that charities can try out this strategy or implement it with no upfront cost to them. There are plenty of third-party peer to peer fundraising tools like CrowdRise, Chimp, Rally and FundRazr  (to name just a few) that allow charities to be on their sites and supporters to create pages in support of them for no cost.

There are some transaction costs (typically in the 3% to 10% range) but those are minimal and well worth the potential new donations, traffic and engagement.

So if you haven’t thought about adding some peer to peer fundraising to your overall strategy yet perhaps now is the time.