Somewhere between 20% to 40% of online giving happens in December and as much as 25% happens in the last few days of the year. This means there are many donors choosing a charity to support right now. And accordingly, there’s a lot of posts around what you, as a donor, should be thinking about when choosing a charity. Below are a few of my favourite and I hope you find them useful.

I recently wrote 3 Ways You Can Give Differently (And Better) This December by not focusing on numbers. Instead you can:

  1. Give to a friend’s cause for trust

  2. Give to the best offer for impact

  3. Give to the best story to feel good

Read the entire post on HuffingtonPost Impact here.

The ever genius Seth Godin recently wrote Which charity? where he makes the point of choice related to giving, provides some great questions you can ask yourself and gives some context for the environment we are in when choosing a charity.

As our choices continue to increase (yes, there’s now a long tail of philanthropy), it gets ever more important that we make conscious choices about what to support and how.

Are you focused on published numbers of organizational efficiency (how much goes into fundraising and admin)? Or does it make more sense to focus on the organization’s impact as it goes about its mission? How will you decide to measure that impact, or does it not matter to you?

There are no perfect charities, just as there are no perfect cars. But the imperfection of cars doesn’t keep us from buying one–we pick the model (and the story that goes with it) that best serves our needs.

Read the full post here.

HubSpot built off of Charity Navigator’s Top 10 Best Practices of Savvy Donors to provide their take around 3 key insights. Charity Navigator’s tips help more for avoiding scams then finding impact and HubSpot discusses some of the value of online or organic fundraising but I generally agree with the three main points:

  1. Be proactive in your giving

  2. Hang up the phone and eliminate the middleman

  3. Check the charity’s commitment to accountability and transparency

Read the full post here.

December is an important month for the charity world so I hope some of these tips and ideas will help you when choosing a charity to make sure that December is also an impactful month for the charity world and for you.