Good post awhile back from the good folks at For Impact called “If it is important, do it every day.” that got me thinking in terms of fundraising, what is important and how could I do it every day? So here it goes, 5 things you should do every day (and some ideas on how you can do it).

1. Thank Your Donors.

They fulfill your mission. Further your cause. And pay your salary. Pick up the phone and call 3 of your donors in the afternoon. Write 3 Thank You cards every morning. Send 5 emails to say nothing but thanks. TIP: Set aside 1 hour of every day, preferably in the morning, that is your “thank you time” where you can do your thanks. Make this hour sacred. Don’t book appointments or meetings. Consider it a standing meeting once a day or once a week.

2. Share a Story.

All organizations have a story to tell and are shaped by story, share yours. Film yourself telling a personal story and put it on Facebook. Put a picture of your clients/constituents up on Twitter. Write a blog post that is just a story. TIP: While your organization’s story may be the same, it takes on new forms depending on who tells it so encourage others in your organization (not the natural story tellers) to tell the story. Think back office folks, receptionists, volunteers, etc.

3. Ask People to Give.

100% people don’t give when they are not asked. You don’t have to go for the hard ask every day but there are probably people you can ask to contribute to your organization TODAY that are willing to give. They just need the opportunity. TIP: As you get in the habit of thanking donors and sharing stories you should have a better sense of how your donors like to be asked. Use that new found information to ask them to give. You are already thanking and sharing your story so there should be not reason to not ask while you are at it.

4. Read/Learn.

Leaders read. Keeping up with your industry, local and national news, fundraising trends and the global business environment are four areas ALL fundraisers should be reading up on constantly. TIP: Use Google Reader, set up a section called “daily reads” and save feeds from each area (industry, news, fundraising and business). Choose a newspaper feed, blogger, Twitter feed or some combination and make sure you read it every morning with your coffee.

5. Research/Analyze.

Look back at what you did. Last year. Last month. Yesterday. If you have tracking options or measurables (Google Analytics, “moves” in a CRM, etc.) look at those, if not just think about what you’ve done. Then ask yourself if you had to do it again, what would you do over? What would you do differently? What is one positive outcome from that time period? TIP: Pick a colleague, friend, mentor, etc. and plan a monthly meeting to go over these together. They can add valuable insights and you will feel the pressure to do this regularly.

What do you think? What other important things can/should you do everyday?