Increase Your Matching Gift Revenue: AlumnIQ and 360MatchPro Integration Spotlight

As a higher education institution, you understand the importance of donor outreach. You want to be top-of-mind for donors, so you frequently produce new, creative collateral and outreach materials in hopes of engaging your audience and encouraging larger contributions. While this often proves to be an effective tactic, you also want to avoid overwhelming potential donors with repetitive fundraising appeals. You wish you could maximize the revenue generated from each individual without asking more of your donors.

Fortunately, corporate matching gift programs help you do just that. 

While over 26 million individuals work for companies with matching gift programs, billions of dollars worth of matching gifts go unclaimed each year. This means your institution is missing out on a significant revenue stream. 

The integration between AlumnIQ and 360MatchPro by Double the Donation helps you capture that otherwise lost revenue and drive matching gifts to completion. You already understand AlumnIQ enables your organization to manage and implement donation forms. Additionally, you might have heard that 360MatchPro by Double the Donation is the industry leading gift matching automation software. Together, AlumnIQ and 360MatchPro can streamline your donor’s journey and enhance your ability to fundraise effectively for your institution.  

Want to learn more about how this integration works? 

 Let’s dive into the details! 

Make Donors Aware of their Eligibility Status to Identify Matching Revenue Opportunities

Make Donors Aware of their Eligibility Status to Identify Matching Revenue Opportunities

The AlumnIQ and 360MatchPro integration equips you with the tools to quickly increase your corporate gift matching revenue. 360MatchPro’s software is intuitive and user-friendly. A streamlined search field integrates into the donation form, encouraging donors to input their employer name. Double the Donation then uses an extensive database to identify donors’ eligibility, making it simple and easy for you to begin engaging donors in the process. The streamlined search field uses advanced methods to pull data from the matching gift database. It takes parent companies, spelling errors, and subsidiaries into account. As you can see below, the search bar recognizes that ESPN’s matching gift program is run by their parent company: The Walt Disney Corporation. These features ensure that you do not let any match-eligible donors fall through the cracks. 

Search field in use

On the confirmation page, match-eligible donors then receive a link to their specific matching gift request form. This auto-display feature encourages donors to take action right away and makes completing the request simple. Ultimately, the faster donors act, the faster you can get that money in the door to start benefiting your institution. Drive your donors to action now! 

Automate Your Marketing Outreach: Save Time and Increase your Marketing Efficiency

Automate Your Marketing Outreach: Save Time and Increase your Marketing Efficiency

The AlumnIQ and 360MatchPro integration allows you to automate marketing outreach and send each donor their specific links to matching gift materials. The automation saves you time and resources while still keeping you in control of your messaging and voice. With the integration, your donor emails can be personalized and actionable. 

Donors who entered their employment data on the donation form and have been identified as match-eligible receive an embedded link to their company-specific request form in the email, making it simple and easy to complete the process. If donors skip over the company search bar on the donation form, you can email them and give them another opportunity to determine their eligibility! This is important because employing multiple approaches to identifying match-eligible donors results in 77% more identified match-eligible donations. The more you educate and remind your donors of the matching gift process, the more likely it is that you will see matching revenue funneling into your organization. 

Follow-up Email

While the system enables you to segment your audience, identifies your highest potential donors, and sends the emails for you, you control the exact message, use your logos, and select the sender email address. Every aspect of donor outreach within the system is customizable so that you choose what makes the most sense for you and your business and what will resonate most with your donors. Engaging with your donors in a way that is personal and stays true to who you are as an institution will give you greater credibility and help you excel. 

Use Donor Data to Fine-Tune your Communications

Use Donor Data to Fine-Tune your Communications

The 360MatchPro dashboard collects granular donor data and insight into each individual donor’s journey. Your organization will have access to this dashboard that includes metrics like email open rates and total matching gifts submitted so that you can understand what outreach communications are most effective. Additionally, you will be able to segment your donors into those that have an unknown eligibility status, those that are match-eligible, and those that are ineligible. This ensures that your institution sends the right information to donors at the right time, and you can track each group’s engagement with your communications. This information can then inform your broader strategy and help you fine-tune your messaging in the long-run. More effective communications save you time and money so that you can focus on what’s important: propelling your higher education institution into the next stage of growth. 

Donation - Match Submitted

While the dashboard provides an abundance of data, the information is also simple to understand and actionable. Whether the donor is in the process of completing a match and just needs a reminder or has yet to even determine their eligibility status, you can call them to action. Calling your donors to action and engaging with them based on their stage in the donor journey will save you time and result in higher conversion rates!

The more you know about your donors and your relationship with them, the more likely you will be to experience long-run success. Understanding your core donor base allows you to formulate an effective, efficient, and meaningful target strategy. 

Helping Higher Education Achieve More - AlumnIQ and 360MatchPro

Helping Higher Education Achieve More – AlumnIQ and 360MatchPro

The integration between AlumnIQ and 360MatchPro is a major value-add that will enhance your institution’s fundraising efforts. By increasing donor awareness, simplifying the match request process, and producing rich donor data, 360MatchPro helps you unlock the power of corporate matching programs. 

The integration consists of: 

  • A streamlined search bar for donors to input their employment data and determine their eligibility quickly and drive their matching gift requests to completion
  • Marketing automation tools that will make your donor outreach efficient and effective, resulting in less wasted resources for your organization
  • Dashboard metrics that help you understand donors’ eligibility and your organization’s matching gift potential so that you can maximize your fundraising revenue
  • And much more! 

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