The video below is why I started re: charity and began writing. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Administration young and full of ideals, energy and optimism. But in just a year I began to realize how backwards much of the system called charity we’ve created was. How limiting it was. How damaging it was. And thought something needed to be done.

Then I heard Dan Pallotta speak at an Association of Fundraising Professionals event in Toronto and it changed my life in many ways. It gave me the language and passion for change. I skipped a session and started writing my first blog post that very day with the goal to talk and discuss charity in a new way as one small way that I could be a part of this change that HAS to happen if our society is going to see the results we want and if the nonprofit sector will continue to survive.

So if you follow this blog there is a great chance you’ve already seen the below TED Talk from re: charity favourite Dan Pallotta titled “The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong”. In the off chance you have not, please watch below and once you have nodded your head in agreement and are pumped that someone is saying this stuff on a great platform to affect change please share, blog, tweet, “Like” and so on so everyone can watch and get this message far and wide.

[ted id=1688]


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