What Are You Posting on Social Media?

You should be on and using social media if you can spend some time on it to deliver value (in meaningful content, discussions, fun stuff, contests, etc.) that helps you…..

Don’t Like Your Facebook Expectations

Despite 32-per-cent revenue growth, Facebook failed to impress shareholders, who drove the stock price down as much as 11 per cent during after-hours trading – after the company’s shares had…..

Real Good Stories Are About Real People

People-Centered Storytelling: Raising the Bar in Charitable Communications Written by: Kate Kardol We’ve all been there. We return from a two-week service trip rife with stories from our adventures overseas……

Trust Destroyed Is Not Easily Regained

With the sanctions from the NCAA handed out today to Penn State University for the Sandusky/Paterno scandal it seems like a good time to discuss the most important thing as…..

Man Crushes, Millennials and #MCON2012

Why are we so interested in Millenials? Because we don’t fully understand them. And they could care less. This is thought I had coming off of the Millennial Impact Conference (or #MCON2012) put…..