Psychic Benefits of Working for a Charity?

Last week I discussed psychic benefits of giving to charity and took a stab at creating a net benefit equation something like donors and supporters would use, consciously or subconsciously,…..

Psychic Benefits of Charity

Why give to charity? I’m not trying to be trite here. It is a foundational question that many people do not really even think about. They debate over WHICH charity…..

A Logo is Not a Brand

re: charity fav Dan Pallotta wrote a post in June called “A Logo is Not a Brand” and it was so good, I created a post with the same name……

What I Learned from ADELE

Last week I wholeheartedly went to the ADELE concert with my wife at the Orpheum theatre in Vancouver (I say wholeheartedly as she used to have to drag me to…..

Selling Charity

Last week, I had the privilidge of working alongside Elijah van der Giessen on a social media strategy session for the Association of Fundraising Professionals Vancouver chapter. We were “co-leaders”…..