Pop Up and Do Less

The other day I was lucky to get a few minutes with a founder of a prominent design agency in Vancouver and I asked him what his biggest issue with…..

4 Things I Learned from Failing

David Silverman recently wrote a piece in the Harvard Business Review called Constructive Confessions. In it, he explains why business books are often stories of success rather than failures: “the…..

The Riot. A Refresher on Relevance to Resonance to Significance

I sat down to watch a great game of hockey and celebrate with my new home city. Instead, I was “treated” to a poor display of hockey and even poorer display of humanity. I was mesmerized by the live coverage and spent three hours watching, listening, Tweeting and pondering “What is going on? And why?” Scroll to the bottom and read your way up to follow the night and some Tweets and interactions.

Be An Owner

Having recently been moved into a new leadership role, I am facing many new (and exciting) leadership challenges. One of the many is that of ownership. I’ve wrestled with the…..