Hey everyone, if you or your charity is based in or near Vancouver, then be sure to check out the first Social Media for Nonprofits conference in BC one week from today on June 25.  What time should you post to Facebook, how can your cause raise money online, and how do you coordinate social media posts across your organization?  Get answers to these questions and more.

I feel so lucky to get the opportunity to speak on social fundraising along with the likes of Jason Mogus, Darren Barefoot, Susanna Haas-Lyons, Constant Contact’s Guy Steeves, Jonathan Christian & more.  SM4NP is the world’s premier conference series devoted to social media for social good, they’re heading to BC after educating over 5,000 charities across the world.

Tickets for the full-day conference, including lunch and breakfast, start at just US $145 and you can save $20 off $175 (budget >$500K) and $225 (corporate & consultants) tickets with the “Seacrest” discount code. Hope to see you there!

For more information or to sign up, visit http://www.sm4np.org/vancouver/.